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IT Support

Fusion Technology Solutions specialises in providing expert IT support and help desk services to small, medium, and large enterprise with packages that can be tailored to suit every requirement and budget. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a high-level of service and technical expertise to take the guess work out of issue resolution and minimise disruption to your business either remotely or on site.

By utilising market leading job tracking systems, we follow your support ticket to completion and document every step of the process. We do this as part of our commitment to maintaining our outstanding customer service, professionalism, and high-level expertise you can rely on to remove the time drain and pain of troubleshooting an issue.

Managed Maintenance Support

Managed maintenance support provides complete access to our Australian IT support team of high-level engineers and technology experts, that are ready to help resolve any issue and provide class leading support for your day-to-day IT needs for businesses that do not have inhouse IT staff or businesses that are looking for a co-managed IT solution to complement their existing IT personnel.

An initial set monthly fee ensures your business has unhindered expert local support when needed. With a view in setting in a longer term agreement – to avoid the unnecessary worry around a fluctuating monthly cost. The ability to know what to expect each month is a budgeting blessing for any financial controller and business reliant on IT support.

We take a personal approach to get to know your business so that you feel that we are like your knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable inhouse IT department.

On Demand Support

From occasional IT support to additional resources for IT projects, our on-demand help desk and support services are your flexible solution to requesting expert IT support and advice. Our responsiveness will ensure that you get the right answers to your occasional IT issues when you need them and the right resources to deliver the planned IT communication projects or to provide system audits and offer advice, planning and strategic help to get you moving in the right direction.

We will work with you and will always ensure that you are notified of what we are working on and how it is progressing so that you have transparency to understand and keep track of the progress of the work so that there are no nasty surprises or overcharged items.



Flexibility through Add Ons

Fusion Technology Solutions offers flexible add on options that cater for specific unique IT as one size does not fit all.

Weekend Support – We understand that not all businesses operate during business hours so as an optional add on we offer weekend maintenance packages that will give support for during your busiest periods to ensure that your staff get the right support and services remain up and running that will save possible downtime due to a loss in sales and productivity.

Virtual IT Employee – When your business prefers and needs a qualified and experienced IT engineer physically on site so you can focus on your customers instead of being distracted with IT issues. Why not consider having a Fusion employed, managed, and trained engineer onsite for a full day once or more days a week as a virtual IT employee. This offers real savings on hiring, training, and retaining a full time IT employee that may have redundant expertise that can leave lasting negative effects on the business.

Specialised ERP Support – We are well versed in numerous Enterprise Resource Planning systems and can provide first level support to your business as an add on to our maintenance support or as a standalone agreement. We can help deploy, set up users and implement the ERP into your business without overpriced ERP specialists’ price tag. We can be your conduit and help with escalations, ensuring the right information is provided to fast-track issue resolution on your behalf.

Specialised Application Support  – Tailored support for your chosen industry specific application that can include anything from administrative user support to complete application integration and deployment to removing the time-consuming IT related issues interfering with the intended use of the application.

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