We provide state of the art infrastructure and secured solutions.

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  • All our hosted servers are monitored around the clock and managed by us to ensure that they are protected against any cyber security threats.

    Utilizing our premier partner and leading security End-point Protection solution Bitdefender on all our hosted servers, we protect all your business-critical systems and avoid downtime with 24/7 security safeguards for your network, emails, websites, applications, and data.

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  • The biggest threat to our customers and their mission-critical systems uptime is Ransomware. This continues to be one of the most effective and widespread tools up the sleeves of cybercriminals.

    To combat this, we employ a defence-in-depth strategy, so that our hosted servers are protected from the most prevalent threats. By ensuring they are adequately locked down behind our top-end firewalls, they are protected from Malware and Ransomware.

  • As leaders in state-of-the-art infrastructure and services, we are an official partner with Qualys.

    As a result of this partnership, we install and monitor a Vulnerability Scanning software to all our clients, at a cost.

Qualys and Fusion Tech


Bitdefender are the global leaders in threat prevention and mitigation, equipped with the largest security delivery infrastructure in the world. Proven time and time again by independent testing by AV Comparatives and AV Tests, Bitdefender sports an unbeaten track record in performance and reliability when it comes to protecting your device end points, public or on-premises servers.

With the prevalence and commonplace nature of cyberattacks it has become more important than ever to protect your business sensitive and critical data with Bitdefender as part of your overall multi layered security defence strategy against Malware and Ransomware.


  • The main cause of attacks is via email. Attackers persuade or trick users to download malicious files or documents which then begin to encrypt the company’s systems. Within a short space of time, in most cases a few minutes, the company will discover that many of their files and critical infrastructure has been rendered useless and a ransom note will be displayed. So, a device level security strategy needs to be complemented with email filtering and ongoing staff training to ensure that these malicious penetrations are avoided and foiled time and time again.

  • What is the value of your website or ecommerce site being down due to a security breach? In all cases the uptime of business websites is critical and directly correlated to sales. Therefore, with our system wide security strategy we assure that the right security considerations are in place 24/7 and our hosted systems are not susceptible to opportunistic attacks.

    Let’s start the conversation towards making your business and its processes cyber threat resilient.

Make your business and its processes cyber threat resilient.

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