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  • We are an independent internet service provider that partners directly with the major connection vendors that gives us the ability to provide business grade connectivity solutions that fit your needs and budget.

    With our Nexus One Business NBN and Nexus One Business Grade Fibre, we offer end to end managed, monitored, and secured connections with assurances of low latency performance and non-congested traffic on our network so that the quality of the connection does not hamper your day-to-day business operations.

    We constantly monitor our network and tweak it as required to push the connection performance to ensure constant consistent connectivity, clear communications, and unhindered data access that gives you one less service to worry about.

  • Rest assured that with the backing from our dedicated Australian support team, your business will not be left waiting to speak to someone about concerns or issues as we will contact you if an event is triggered in our 24/7 monitoring of your service.

    In the event of a vendor supply disruptions or major outages, we take the lead with the industry knowledge of the escalation process and will do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible based on either ‘best effort’ or Service Level Agreements (SLA) terms.

    Talk to us about your needs and let us help you choose the most suitable type of service that will grow and scale with your business to accommodate any additional demands, safeguarding the connection to avoid short terms issues and or unnecessary upgrades.

Nexus One Business NBN

Our Business NBN comes with the guarantee of low latency performance and no congestion issues, all backed, and monitored on the Nexus One owned secure ISP network infrastructure.

Whether your business needs a primary connection or a secondary connection to support other technologies such as phones, we have managed connection plans sized for your requirements that range from 50Mbps to 500Mbps and backed by our local support team.

Unfortunately, NBN is supplied with a ‘best effort’ resolution process that does not offer any agreed resolutions timeframes to have services back up during major outages. This can leave your business without NBN connectivity for extended periods of time and is the reason why we deploy 4G backups as part of your business connectivity continuity strategy.

Nexus One Business Grade Fibre

Our Business Grade Fibre is not only managed, monitored, and secured on the Nexus One owned ISP network infrastructure but also provides symmetrical connectivity and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that have become standard requirements for digital technology reliant businesses of any size.

Symmetrical connectivity matches the upload and download speeds to allow workplaces to seamlessly work on connectivity demanding workflows without worrying about connection speeds. We assess, tailor and offer plans that will grow and scale with your business and can offer connections that go all the way up to lightning-fast gigabit (1000/1000Mbps) speeds.

Our Business Fibre vendor backed SLAs, guarantee resolution timeframes and around the clock servicing of major disruptions and outages that are all handle by us with Business Level escalation procedures. This makes Business Grade Fibre the most suitable connection for any business that is heavily reliant on their connectivity to operate productivity with the least possible downtime and or operates outside normal business hours.

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