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Cloud Services


  • Our state-of-the-art local infrastructure offers robust Private Cloud services that are flexible and scalable through customisable solutions to ensure that we meet your business needs.

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  • Public Clouds services generally leverage a vast global infrastructure network of online service products that are securely hosted across the globe to decentralise your data and offer an extensive set of business solutions.

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  • Sometimes your business needs can not be fulfilled with just either a Private or a Public Cloud, so why not let us put together a Hybrid Cloud solution that give you the best of both worlds.

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Private Cloud

Hosted servers in local N+1 data centres across Australia with 24/7 monitoring and up-to-date security allows us to be offer assurance of secure access to your protected data, Local Data Sovereignty, optimal performance with optimal server density that avoids overcrowding ‘noisy neighbours’

An end-to-end solution that offers protected data with full redundancy backups, remote desktop services (RDS) for mobile staff, application hosting (SaaS Hosting) for processing load intensive or system critical applications, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting in completely isolated environments, Managed Dedicated Servers (MDS) giving 1:1 contention ratio in 1 company only hardware setups, email hosting with additional layers of email filtering and web hosting from the simplest to the most complex ecommerce site.

If your business data is important and critical to you and you want your data on the best and most secure equipment, then contact us. If you care about where your data is located because you have the responsibility of protecting it, then keep it all local and contact us. If you are constantly worried about your physical server because you know it is outdated and unsecure and you value your data, then contact us. If you rely on a mobile workforce that needs to access your business data, then contact us. If your sick of Spam and Phishing emails filling up your inbox, then contact us about our email hosting and added layer of email filtering. If your website is having capacity issues and is not up and running when your customers are looking for you, then contact us.

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Public Cloud

Public Clouds services are commonly known as either Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Although marketed as a one size fits all with a solution to suit every business, this often means that without the right IT partner the products offered by the various Public Clouds can be overwhelming and difficult to find the fit for your business.

So why not contact us and we can help with recommending the right product based on your business requirement. We will support you through the selection, deployment, implementation, and the ongoing day to day use so that you can avoid the common pitfall of losing valuable time and effort with the wrong product decision.

We have managed and have experience with the industry leading Public Cloud services and with our up-to-date local support team we will work with you on the right fit that will work for your specific company and processes.

Hybrid Cloud

As your IT partner, we can help with a Hybrid Cloud Solution, anything from adding an extra layer of email filtering to for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace hosted emails to easing your concerns with a completely accessible local data backup solution of Microsoft Sharepoint, Google Drive, or public cloud file storage products.

Or perhaps you have an on-premise server that you would still like to leverage with a public cloud service, we can help make sure that this Hybrid Cloud solution will work smoothly, complement and work cohesively.

We love getting to know your business so we can tailor the right solution.

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