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Fusion Technology Solutions is your one-stop-IT company offering a range of support and services. We go above and beyond offering our clients a suite of IT services, so they can focus on their work and growing business.

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Communication Services


Contact us to improve your existing set up or let us show you how the world is interacting and make sure you are also in the know and ready.

Vocal Point – VoIP Phones – Securely Hosted PBX

Our PBX hosted VocalPoint VoIP phone system provides your business with a securely managed, cost effective and flexible business grade Voice over IP (VoIP) phone solution that can be accessed anywhere anytime with optional workflow integrations into popular CRM, ERM, ERP systems.

We will help select, configure, test, and deploy the right handsets and functionality so that everything is simply plug and plug. From a small or large commercial office, a retail space, call centre (inbound or outbound) or a flexible work from home (WFH) remote office situation, we will ensure that you have the quality and flexibility that you deserve.

Partnering with industry leading handset suppliers Yealink and Snom, we provide handsets to suit every budget and business needs. We offer a completely managed and supported phone system with the highest call quality.


Reporting & Analytics

Drive process productivity by having visibility of your VocalPoint VoIP phone system platform metrics. Place your customer experience at the forefront: how your business interacts with valuable clients and fine tune to make real improves.

In this data rich world, take advantage and gain an edge by leveraging the inherent back-end data that comes with having our VocalPoint VoIP system. You will gain valuable insights:  that drive your business performance by analysing the phone interactions and experiences to understand and adjust operational improvements.

The optional workflow integrations into popular CRM, ERM or ERP systems will further provide insight into existing customers while tacking new customers as a valuable metric for evaluation and assessment.



As we change the way we interact in and outside of our businesses both nationally and internationally, we have seen the seamless move from voice only to virtual video conference calls become the norm. The way in which these technologies are deployed and utilized always depend on having the right setup and support. We will work with you to strike a balance between your budget and requirement. We can help with licensing, implementation, and training of industry standard video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams and Google Meet.

If audio conferencing is your preference, our VocalPoint VoIP Phone solution supports scalable audio-conferencing features.  No matter how many people are around the boardroom, everyone will clearly hear the other end and equally can be clearly heard. 

Intercom & Security

Turn your onsite intercom and security systems into a secure communications solution that can be accessed and operated in the office or remotely with the latest secure integrations.

With our optional ability to customise our VocalPoint VoIP Phone System in our managed and hosted PBX we can offer non-standard functionality to your intercom and security systems such as putting the control of your intercom in your phone system that can be used to interact and control from anywhere anytime.


Consulting Advice

As your trusted advice partner we will support you to help build your business. With critical business IT continuity plans and strategies that cover everything from hardware, security, connectivity, and disaster recovery.

  • Our local team of IT experts and intimate relationships within the industry over the years has cemented our position with the IT community as the trusted source of information and advice.

  • We offer consulting and advice service to form recommended solutions to inform and represent your business as your IT partner in a whole of business approach.

  • Complete IT audits ensure that everything is accounted for and covered when your business is ready for a digital transformation or is reassured a smooth transition from one provider to the next and better yet a migration into our services and solutions.

  • As your IT partner we will take care of all of it.

Support & Services.

IT Support

Partnering with the most reputable Hardware and Software suppliers and provisioning an ongoing large number of devices and licenses have allowed us to offer our clients the best technology and license options at a price that hard to beat.

We continue to combine our first-class support, maintenance, and technology know-how with the supply of latest technologies offering trusted recommendations to provision, configure and deploy the most suitable technology for the application at the right price point, from a laptop or other hardware to company-wide software licensing deployments big and small.

So, stop paying retail pricing and let us do provision, configure, and deploy the equipment for you.

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